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Dear Stackhouse Denver Community,

Out of respect for information transparency, the proposed location for the Denver Stackhouse tower — 3425 W Colfax Avenue — will no longer be the future address of our flagship tower. The land purchasing opportunity was pulled and the surrounding neighborhood responded with mixed emotions to our proposal - so we will take the valid feedback to heart, improve where we can, and keep moving forward. In the paraphrased words of Edison, we have learned another way how not to make a lightbulb, but we are much more determined than our setbacks.

Construction completion was previously projected for the end of 2022, but this date will inevitably be delayed. As such, we would like to extend the option of a full deposit refund to those that have already committed, if desired. We will be reaching out directly to those that are eligible. We are also actively searching for a new viable location within the greater Denver area that will be better suited to the Stackhouse mission of community-centric tiny home living. For those still interested in a Denver Stackhouse development, please continue to check back here as we will update this landing page again when a new location has been pinned.

Lastly, we wish to take this opportunity to shed some positive light to those wishing to hear about upcoming locations. While nothing is yet set in stone, we are also actively pursuing the possibility of a remote beachfront development in Puerto Rico, which at this point has the potential to beat the Denver development timeline.

There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding Stackhouse's incorporation of NFTs and support of cryptocurrency payments. Puerto Rico stands out as an obvious next choice due to its ever-growing crypto community. We will of course keep you updated.


Janelle & R.T.Egan, Stackhouse Founders

Dated October 26, 2021